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Your Safety


We prepare our projects taking care of full logistics support. We provide satellite communications, monitoring from the office's headquarters and detail briefing before and during adventure.

Project leaders have completed several days of training at our Incentive Academy, including a certified first aid course and personal coaching based on learning how to use attentive listening techniques, identify and manage conflict situations, or resolve interpersonal conflicts.


While traveling, we provide you with all required insurance: Costs of Medical Treatment Abroad, Personal Accident insurance, increases for qualified tourism (sports practising). We also offer additional packages:

  • insurance in case of cancelling the participation,
  • insurance in case of trip interruption,
  • third party liability insurance,
  • luggage insurance,
  • consequences of chronic diseases insurance.
Financial Protection Certificate

We have financial security to comply with all our contractual obligations, according to the Financial Protection Certificate no. M209117. Documents

Your Health

It’s important for us that you check your health and plan with your doctor appropriate protective vaccinations that will be carried out at the local vaccination point before starting the adventure.

During the preparation period, we provide you with the necessary information about possible health risks in the area of your adventure and we also monitor your preparations on an ongoing basis.

Choosing the right project


All the adventures we offer have been selected, carefully analysed and planned by us. We those that you will not be able to realize individually and which implementation is possible only when using team's budget.

From our point of view life is too short to use half-measures, therefore we guarantee that each of our projects will be an adventure of your life, worth allocating savings and sacrificing time for.

VIP projects – are distinguished by higher price, high standard of travel, accommodation and meals.

Standard projects – are based on our many years of proven know-how in effective project budget management.


We do not have special demands on your stamina or fitness. Reviewing our offer everyone, regardless of physical conditions, can find a project for themselves. On request, we will provide you with full information concerning the difficulty level and necessary condition requirements.

Your Fellowship

Number of Participants

We carry out our projects in groups of 4 to 12 people. From our experience we know that such a number of people creates the best conditions for traveling.

Wagabundo Travel Community

Our projects attract those with similar perception of the world, with open and cordial hearts, whose passion is life, meeting new places and people.

We try to make the groups balanced in terms of sex, age and the ratio of couples to singles. In this matter, we rely on our several years of experience and intuition. In VIP projects, which are more expensive and have a high standard of accommodation, participants are slightly older.

People who collaborated really well in our previous projects often take part in the next adventures. Therefore we raise the team spirit and you get the guarantee that the team you set out for adventure is battle-seasoned.

After finishing the project, you come back home with new energy, new observations and new friends for the lifetime.

Group reservations

Do you need to plan your vacation in advance? Do you have a group of trusted friends among whom you would like to move towards adventure? We will plan and implement the project in the time chosen for you. The condition for such implementation is a group consisting of minimum 4 persons, but if the selected project is ultimately calculated for 7 persons, the budget needs to be evaluated.

When You go?

When? Each project is carried out within a certain time interval, which guarantees optimal weather conditions.

Final project date, is agreed together with the Participants.

Please note! Due to the projects specifics, it happens that the interested Participant is waiting for implementation (group complementation, setting a common date, obtaining the required permits).

It's worth waiting! We guarantee that each of our projects will be an adventure of your life, worth allocating savings and sacrificing time for.

Information about projects, that have attracted the biggest interest and which we are looking Participants for, we describe in the newsletter that we send (please Subscribe!). We also encourage you to follow us on Facebook or contact us by e-mail or phone. That also concerns the Participants who would like to join our projects at the last minute (it is not always possible).

How to sign up for a project?

Step by step, how to set out for the adventure:

1. You choose the project.
2. You contact us either by on-line application form or by phone.
3. We add you to the Participants list.
4. Together we discuss the details and sign the contract.
5. In agreement with the other Participants, we set a convenient project date to start and specify the cost of flight tickets.
6. You do the first costs payment and also pay for the flight tickets.
7. You participate in the preparations, and before the trip you pay the rest of the required costs.
8. You embark on the journey of life!

Start your adventure. Contact us and discover your new world!

What we do before You go?

We assign a supervisor - Project Leader to each group of Participants who coordinate all preparations.

We provide information about the preparations individually or through a special discussion group (on-line forum) to which you receive the direct access. The aim is to improve coordination in obtaining visas, collecting the mandatory documents and completing the equipment necessary for the trip.

The Project Leader is at your disposal over 24 hours, and we monitor the preparation process directly from our office, mainly using our discussion group (on-line forum).

Where You sleep?

After several years of experience, we are sure that we will find you a comfortable place. Our accommodation base consists of selected lodges, hotels, or cosy and sheltered apartments.

We are in constant contact with our hosts, helpers, guides, therefore you always receive the best service and high quality on the spot.

How You travel?

During your journey, you will travel that best way that suits your adventure. Therefore 4x4 jeeps, camels, walking trips, horse rides, motorcycles, local buses, bicycles, donkeys, light aircrafts, airplanes, helicopters, motorboats, canoes, boats, yachts, sailboats, coaches, trains and rickshaws await you.

What You eat?

We eat where one feeds with local products, in the places that meet group criteria and expectations.

The characteristics of food mainly depends also on the conditions that we encounter. It happens sometimes that we prepare meals together.

Your Flights

We make reservations and buy flight tickets at their current price of particular day. Anyone who does not want to use our agency when buying the tickets may buy them on their own.

Projects Leaders

Our secret is Project Leaders, extraordinary people who are always smiling, bursting with energy, enthusing others, who lead an original life full of contrasts. Most of them have the same job as you, but additionally have enormous knowledge and experience in a specific region of the world. This knowledge allows them to carry out tasks beyond the narrative of our tourist imagination, often designed by the guide-books and mass media.

After years of travel experience, we know that successful creation requires more. True adventure begins after visiting the whole world because then the expression „where" loses its meaning as „how” becomes the case.

Therefore we focus on specialists employed after a few stages recruitment process. The best pass a few-day training at our Incentive Academy, including a first aid course and personal coaching involving the using attentive listening techniques, both identifying and managing conflict situations, or solving interpersonal conflicts.

All above will make you aware that during the adventure you are in good hands and under professional care!

Paperwork and Payments

To improve the organization, we sign the contract after receiving the application, and all payments are usually made in two instalments up to 35 days before the planned departure.

This allows us to ensure the safe implementation of the entire adventure.

Minor under age 18

The underage participants may take part in certain projects under condition that their legal guardian is involved in the adventure too.